FIWARE IoT Stack allows you to connect devices and receive data, integrating all device protocols and connectivity methods, understanding and interpreting relevant information. It isolates data processing and application service layers from the device and network complexity, in terms of access, security and network protocols.

These are the main benefits of solutions 'powered by the FIWARE IoT Stack':

  • Simple sensor data integration
  • Device-independent APIs for quick app development & lock-in prevention
  • Modular
  • Scalable. High available
  • Open & standards based. FIWARE compliant

APIs available

FIWARE IoT Stack provides the following APIs:

  • Device API: allows managing devices, sending data from the device to the cloud and receiving commands.
  • Lora Agent API: allows sending data from the LoRa device to the cloud and receiving commands.
  • Data API: allows querying and subscribing to data stored at the cloud.
  • Historic Data API: allows querying historic data series and statistics stored at the cloud.
  • CEP API: allows to process basic events (from data provided by sensors) and generate higher-level aggregated events.

FIWARE Components

FIWARE IoT Stack is based on the following FIWARE components in order to provide its functionality:

  • Device Backend Gateway (IDAS)
  • Protocol Adapter LoRa (Lora Agent)
  • Context Broker (Orion)
  • Short Term Historic (STH)
  • Complex Event Processing (Cepheus)

Edison Integration

To start you can find examples of integration of Edison in the Fiware IoT Stack